Blue Star Jets
Chief Executive Air provides access to one of the largest fleets of luxury private
jets. With a network of over 200 business jet service providers in the United States,
CEA can instantly match your travel needs with the right luxury private jet for your
trip. We have thousands of jet aircraft waiting for your reservation so call us today
for a business jet rental quote.
Chief Executive Air is a leading private jet charter company. With world-class
personalized service they are perfect for business trips and vacations
worldwide. Fly to your next sporting event, family vacation, or business meeting
Chief Executive Air!
These are a few of the Private jets that can be Chartered:         
Gulf Stream IV, Lear Jet 31, Gulf Stream V, Hawker 800,
Challenger 604, Challenger 601, Falcon 50, Lear Jet 45, Citation
Excel, Hawker 1000, King air 90, King air 200
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target the affluent business or leisure traveler who is interested
in booking private air travel.  We welcome questions, comments
and suggestions about our site.  If you want to reach out to us
for any reason, please contact us by telephone:

General Charter Sales: 888-729-JETS
International Charter Sales: 646-200-5878
Fax: 815-550-2888
Advertising/Lead Sales: 888-485-7003
Corporate Office: 888-485-7003